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July 17, 2017: RedEye Untammed - The SoulKeeper VR

On July 15, 2017 I got to help present The SoulKeeper.

The SoulKeeper is a virtuality reality role-playing game that will be released August 15th. It has a helli-sh medieval feel that really gets you hyped up to slay firey dragons and battle the baneful berserker.

It also has some really awesome art, check out: The SoulKeeper

Watch Nathie's Game Play Video: THE SKYRIM OF VIRTUAL REALITY!

I had a blast playing the game! Although I was defeated by The Berserker, I look foward to our next battle.

In addition to enjoying the game, I enjoyed hanging out with the team.

They are experts in their fields who have collabrated together to bring us a brand new gaming experience.

~ Commander Candy

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