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Intro to CSS: What is Responsive Design

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Intro to PHP

In the modern world, people view web content on a variety of devices. What are you using to view my site? My site does provide the best user experience on a larger screen, such as a computer. That is because coding is best done on a computer with an appropriate environment set up. However, I do make my site responsive.

Responsive Design means your site is designed to resize and adjust depending on the size of the user's device. Can you think of some devices that may be used to view a web application?

Example Devices:
  1. Desktop Computer
  2. Laptop
  3. Tablet
  4. Smart Phone
  5. Smart Watch

Are you on a computer? If so, play with the size of the web browser window. Observe how the view of my site changes. Try resizing it in the size/shape of a cellphone and a tablet. In my opinion the best view is computer, Mobile is still good, and tablet could be a little better, but they all are still readible. Eventually I will release an app to optimize the phone and tablet experiences. However, not everyone will get the app. We only have limited space on our phones and tablets and a lot of people do prefer web browser access. Even with the world's greatest app, it is important to make web sites responsive.

There may be certain business apps that the business may not want to be accessed by all devices. Always take your client's needs into consideration.

Is Responsive Design Hard?

It is not hard to use some basic CSS and HTML to create a responsive webpage. However, with programming you can always get more and more advanced. To become a responsive design specialist, it will take some work. To create a responsive website, you will just have to get through the next lesson Think of programming as an eternal journey. The possiblties are endless.

Learn how to make a responsive page in the next lesson: Responsive Design.

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Intro to LAMP:

What is LAMP Stack?

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