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Intro to HTML: What are tags?

Quick Copy Boxes

Tags are used to format a document. Some tags may format the entire document, but many only format a specific part of it. Tags are commands read by the web browser, but not displayed in the browser.

HTML tags define the content contained within them. There are a lot of tags used in HTML. Some tags may define formatting for the entire file, while some may format individual pieces of content.

Content is the stuff you put on your website that is part of it's user's experience. This may include pictures, paragraphs,external links, music and videos. Can you think of any other types of content you might want to add to a website?

Most tag types include a start tag and an end tag.
The start tag is usually placed inbetween a less than and a greater than symbol like this pseudo tag example:


The end tag is usually placed inbetween a less than symbol followed by a slash and ends with a greater than symbol like this pseudo tag example:


Content is usually placed between the start and end tags.

Example Tags

<!-- HTML start tag-->

<!-- HTML end tag-->



<!-- HTML start tag--> This is a comment. The code will not be executed or displayed. It is basically a way for you to make notes in your code.
<html> This is a html start tag. It indicates html code by informing the browser that it is reading an HTML document.
<!-- HTML end tag--> This is a comment.
</html> this is a html end tag. It indicates the end of html code. There can be other code tags placed inside your html code. For example, it is common to use PHP and Javascript inside HTML tags.

More Tags!

Below you will see examples of more html tags. Throughout the "tags" tutorials, all the code below will be explained.