Intro to HTML: <title>
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Intro to HTML: Title Tags

Quick Copy Boxes

<title> This is a starting title tag.

</title> This is an ending title tag.

You put the page title inside the title tags. The page title will display in the web browser tab.

      <!DOCTYPE html>
          <title>Coding Cadets are awesome!</title>
          /* CSS code goes here */


This is the title display for this lesson's page. I am hovering my mouse over the tap to get that box with the full title to appear.

This is the code:

  <title>Intro to HTML: &lt title &gt;<title>

Are you wondering what &lt; and &gt; mean? They are called HTML entities. Entities are used to display certain symbols.
&lt; displays as <
&gt; displays as >
So my page title displays: Intro to HTML: <title>

*Complete list of entities: HTML Entity List


Play in the code editing box below. Try adding words. Also, try changing the entity numbers to see different symbols.