Invasion of the Bugs

Coding Commanders

Annihilating bugs, one line of code at a time...

In the year 2066, Earth is invaded by aliens. Due to their bug-like appearance, humans refer to them as "Bugs".

The Bugs are equipped with advanced technology and naturally strong body armor. After many brutal battles, humanity was defeated and Earth was occupied.

Left in despair, many people lost hope. The population had dwindled and the remnants of human civilization was in ruins. Was there hope for humanity?

With willfulness and determination, the Human Resistance movement began. Resistance squads surfaced across the globe.

Unfortunately, the destruction of humanity's infrastructure and communication channels left the resistance at a disadvantage. They were unable to win a single battle.

What did humanity need?

Commander Candy and Commander Coral are best friends who each commanded a Resistance squad. After vigorously battling the villainous Bugs to no avail, they knew there must be a better way.

Candy and Coral instituted Coding Commanders, a branch of the Human Resistance that uses web development and cunning tactics to annihilate bugs. Once again, there is hope for humanity.

Coding Commanders is always looking for new Coding Cadets. To rid the world of bugs, it will take a large team of web developers. Commander Candy provides free programming training (via LAMP) to every Cadet.

Are you ready to save humanity? We can do it together, one line of code at a time...