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Donate $25 to Coding Commanders' free computer science tutorials and get a rushed response back! Click the button below to make your donation. As soon as you make your donation, you'll recieve an email that includes a recipt #.


Enter your receipt # below:


Do you want to work with Coding Commanders? Great! Coding Commanders is always eager to build professional relationships with organizations who value equality, diversity and human rights. If that's you, let me know your thoughts!

Proposals and Startup Ideas
We all have dreams and I encourage every one of my Coding Cadets to pursue their dreams with passion and dedication! Do you think Coding Commanders can help you achieve your dreams? Great!

REMEMBER: Coding Commanders is my dream. I am a single mother who rolled up her sleeves and did 100% of the work for Coding Commanders while working full time. If you want me to take time away from my family and my dreams to work for yours... you are going to have to offer compensation.

Programming Questions
Have a question about material covered in one of my tutorials? Don't be afraid to ask. Have a question about someone else's tutorial? Message them!

Project Review
If you would like me to review a Coding Commander's project:
First, upload your code to GitHub (or your favorite online repo).
Next, write me a messge including the link to your repo and any specific question. There are 2 ways to submit your query:
(1) Submit via Twitter post and make sure to mention me (@codingcommander)
(2) Submit here via the contact form and use "Rush Response".

Women in Tech
Please feel free to reach out about anything. Even if you just need to vent! Us girls gotta stick together!