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Battle Card Game Dev
Wanna make a web browser battle card game with me?
Click here!
Battlecard Game Dev by Commander Candy

Wanna learn to code live with me? I made a Twitch! I am going to live stream real life web development projects.

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ExpressJS Random Number Generator
YouTube Video: YouTube: ExpressJS (NodeJS) Random Number Generator
Project Code:
ExpressJS Random Number Generator

NodeJS + PostgreSQL
npm pg
Connection Variable
Node Query Function
Highscore Homework/Project
✶ YouTube Video:

NodeJS File System
File System Web Lesson
File System Project
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JavaScript Callbacks

Callback Web Lesson
Callback Homework
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Asynchronous Programming

✶ Web Lesson: Asynchronous Programming
✶ Homework: Asynchronous Homework
✶ YouTube Video:
YouTube Video: NodeJS Asynchronous Programming

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NodeJS Software Solution

NodeJS + SQL
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Because it is crucial to acheiving upward economic mobility, Coding Commanders believes everyone should have access to free quality stem education.

Coding Commanders' tutorials assume no prior programming, techical, or mathematical knowledge.

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Start Learning: Intro to LAMP

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✶ LAMP is a software stack used to create web applications

✶ It is the most widely used software stack.

✶ Jobs range from entry level WordPress developers (pay about $35-50,000/year), to senior developer postions (pay often over $100,000)

✶ Back End: PHP and MySQL

✶ Front End: CSS, HTML, JavaScript

✶ Operating System: Linux

NodeJS is server side JavaScript

✶ It is a great back end language, which is growing in popularity.

NodeJS is much newer than PHP, so there area less senior devs.

✶ More and more busineses are using NodeJS for web development, as well as other areas of programming.

Postgres is a powerful, open source, SQL database management system.

✶ Because Postgres is open source and more powerful than MySQL, many bussinesses are switching

✶ Learn how to make the front end from scratch using HTML and CSS

✶ Responsive design is crucial to any modern project that you wish to put live.
✶ Read the storyline here: Invasion of the Bugs

✶ Our Battle Card Game Dev Project will build apon the story!

Getting Started: YouTube Playlist

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Build a Form: Calculate Dateability Score

YouTube Video: HTML Dating Form
PHP Dating Logic