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Grammarly for Tech

You have probably heard of Grammarly's spelling and grammar software, but may not be completely aware of its features. As an experienced programmer and technical writer, Grammarly has helped me create content and keep content clients! Here are the understated ways Grammarly can help web developers and tech businesses.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly's cloud-based software is the go-to spelling and grammar authority. Content writers and SEO companies rely on Grammarly. Their software corrects errors, finds synonyms and antonyms and recognize contextual errors. Members can also store written work on the Grammarly platform.

Free Membership: It is entirely free to sign up for Grammarly. The free membership corrects critical spelling and grammar errors. Added to your web browser, the software checks just about any text input.

Grammarly Premium: In addition to critical errors, premium memberships also include:
  • Advanced checks on grammar, punctuation, context and sentence structure
  • Vocabulary suggestions
  • Writing style checks
  • Plagiarism detection
If you, your clients or your organization produce much content, the premium membership is well worth it. The free membership eliminates embarrassing errors, but the premium membership makes writing more eloquent and engaging.

Business Membership: If you have a team, Grammarly offers discounted memberships, monitoring tools, 24/7 support, centralized billing, and many other business features. Grammarly business highly facilitates the monitoring and management of multi-user content. It is an excellent option for SEO companies, web development firms and websites with multiple contributors. As I discuss in a bit, it is also advantageous to companies with a sales team.

Content Writing

I have pretty good grammar, but my spelling is awful! Grammarly corrects my spelling and makes my writing more eloquent. I think most content writers are familiar with the benefits of membership.

Do you employ writers? Grammarly checks for plagiarism! Eliminating plagiarism is not only ethical, but it also improves credibility and SEO!


Eliminating plagiarism is one way Grammarly improves SEO, but there is a more critical application...

Grammarly improves written content. Most SEO articles focus on easily measurable benchmarks. Marketing Professionals tell us all about "keywords", "description", and "customer reviews". When reading SEO blogs and attending marketing speeches, content quality tends to be a mere footnote.

Google is the most popular search engine and the one to which I am the most familiar. Google's goal is to deliver content that is engaging to the user. Their algorithm has gotten good! No matter how many times you use "contract full stack developer" is your blog post or web page if the user isn't interested in what you have to say, Google figures it out.

On the other hand, if your content is engaging to your target audience, Google also figures it out. I have had Coding Commanders web lessons rank without using any SEO metadata. These lessons ranked because the content was engaging. (I recommend applying SEO best practices and writing engaging content, but we all get busy sometimes!)

The Grammarly premium membership makes content more engaging. The marketing expert at the meetup ignores content quality because it is hard to measure. You can't show a simple graph to represent quality, but Grammarly found an algorithm to improve it.

Remember, you can't hire a lousy writer, give them Grammarly and expect Shakespear. That would be like giving me blacksmithing tools and expecting an immaculate sword. However, Grammarly Premium makes good writing great.

Sales and Professional Communication

Grammarly's browser extension combined with a free membership eliminates the embarrassing errors. I suggest everyone uses it! It checks all written work including online job applications, emails, Salesforce input and more! Just about all text input gets checked.

If your organization has a sales department, I suggest a business account. You want your sales team armed with powerful premium writing!


Traditionally programmers do not like writing documentation. Technical writing is challenging! It is challenging to make documentation clear and understandable to an anonymous audience. Companies with the budget sometimes hire people like me.

If you write your software's documentation, a premium membership improves the clarity of your documentation.

The above are just a few of the many ways Grammarly can help you, your clients and your organization. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out on any of my social media. Happy Coding!

April Wensel