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Miami VR Event

October 9, 2017: The Commercialization of VR: Film, Gaming, Medical, Advertising, Finance

On October 2, 2017, I attended The Venture Cafe Gathering Presentation:
The Commercialization of VR: Film, Gaming, Medical, Advertising, Finance. I even got to do a midnight interview with Myron Mortakis, President and Founder of HELM Systems and creator of the The SoulKeeper VR.

Commander Candy

Daniel Sabido

CareCloud, Director of Product Marketing

Daniel Sabido

Who is CareCloud?

CareCloud is a Miami based healthcare startup.

What does a healthcare company have to do with VR?

CareCloud teamed up with Transmedia Studios to produce Miami's first VR docummercial. I had the honor of helping CareCloud and Transmedia Studios make this cutting-edge venture a reality.

Watch it here: CareCloud Breeze 360 tour

Myron Mortakis

President and Founder, HELM Systems

Myron Mortakis and Commander Candy

HELM Systems is the creator of this year's premier VR game - The SoulKeeper VR

What is The SoulKeeper VR?

The SoulKeeper is an awe-inspiring virtual reality role play game. It's distinct demonic feel couples with virtual reality to provide players with a uniquely intense gameplay experience.

As you battle firey dragons, cunning spellcasters, and gigantic trolls, expect to get sucked into the SoulKeeper dream world. The astonishing art combined with a well thought out musical score, will have your heart pounding as you battle to the death against the baneful berzerker.

React VR tutorials by Coding Commanders and Praveen Yalamanchi

Watch Myron's presentation:
Virtual Reality Game Production

Watch my special midnight interview with Myron:
Myron & Candy Midnight Interview

Shuja Paul

CareCloud Docummercial - Lead Actor

Shuja Paul

Shuja Paul is an aclaimed actor and writer who is best known for his roles in Tie the Knot and Murder in the First. He explained how acting in a VR production differs from acting in a standard production. In a VR production there is no marked spot to stand and no specific camera angle. His movements were mostly limited to standing still or walking in a straight line.

Praveen Yalamanchi

CEO, Transmedia Studios

Praveen Yalamanchi

Praveen is a VR/AR expert and enthusiast. He spoke about his role organizing the CareCloud Docummercial, shooting the first VR zombie movie and his current project that involves holographic VR. He demonstrated some really awesome VR and AR technology. Unfortunately, I do not have any footage of his presentation.

ThinkGeek Star Trek

After Party

Nicole Soulkeeper and Commander Candy

I also got a chance to hang out with my good friend Nicole. She is an expert 3D modeler and CAD designer who is also really fun to talk to. Nicole's diverse background includes gaming applications (such as The SoulKeeper VR) as well as architecture.

Praveen Yalamanchi's Vulcan