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Redeye Untammed: The SoulKeeper VR Game

July 17, 2017: RedEye Untammed - VR Exhibition

On July 15, 2017 I got to help present The SoulKeeper VR game at RedEye Untammed. Redeye is an art festival in Fort Lauderdale, FL featuring some of Miami's hottest virtual art!

The SoulKeeper VR Game

The SoulKeeper is a virtuality reality role-playing game that will be released August 15th. It has a hell-ish medieval feel that really gets you hyped up to slay firey dragons and battle the baneful berserker.

It also has some really awesome art, check out: The SoulKeeper

Watch Nathie's Game Play Video: THE SKYRIM OF VIRTUAL REALITY!

Batman: Arkham Asylum

I had a blast playing the game! Although I was defeated by The Berserker, I look foward to our next battle.

Commander Candy plays SoulKeeper VR

In addition to enjoying the game, I enjoyed hanging out with the team.

React VR tutorials by Coding Commanders and Praveen Yalamanchi

Myron Soulkeeper VR

The SoulKeeper VR Development Team

They are experts in their fields who have collabrated together to bring us a brand new gaming experience.

~ Commander Candy
Robyn Silber
April Wensel