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January 13, 2018 Interview: Computer Science Student @mcttan

What first sparked your interest in computer science?

Doing a surgery demo with da Vinci surgical robots at a biomedical science workshop made me want to learn how to program and design technology.

What has been your favorite class so far?

Intro to Physics

What is your least favorite class?

Fluids and Thermodynamics

Out of all your projects, which one are you the most proud of? Why?

So far, I am proud of a medical AR project my teammates and I made at because of how challenging it was to create such a unique program. That AR program projects virtual internal organs onto a targeted t-shirt design. It really looks like you are looking inside someone's body.

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What are your professional goals?

✶ Join another professional association to meet new people in my field.
✶ Introduce myself to people I never talk with and who are outside my field of study.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a female computer science student?

I think the biggest challenge I have faced as a computer science student so far is overcoming the feeling of loneliness. So far, I still do not have any female computer science friends. It took a while for me to make friends from my STEM classes because I was slowly building up the courage to approach guys. (Yes, most of them did not approach me.) I am so grateful for the many friends I am surrounded with. Whenever I am with them, they make me feel less lonely and are super supportive of my endeavors.

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What advice can you give to women and men who are thinking of majoring in computer science?

Enjoy (college) activities and opportunities that are outside your computer classes. (Bonus: Enjoy non-computer courses, too.) Computer science is so beneficial for anything and everything. Join a book club and talk about sci-fi. Enter a business competition with tech ideas. Design a website for a club you love. Work at your college's design center. Create a program for environmental protection. Programming is not just about typing. Exposing yourself to STEM and non-STEM things will help shape you into an innovative thinker - someone who can analyze (overlooked) problems and come up with effective solutions.

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