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Welcome to Coding Commanders Reward Page!

It's like Patreon, but better!

I'm Commander Candy, the creator of Coding Commanders and provider of free web development tutorials.

The goal of my tutorials is to provide quality web development/programming education to people of all socioeconomic and educational backgrounds.

I work at making the lessons easy to follow, so you do not need a technical or mathematics background to get started.

I do not want to fund my project through investors and I do not want to sell my curriculum or finished software to a corporation. In order to maintain this project, I have to rely on crowd funds. My tutorials are based on student's needs, not corporate profits. #stickittotheman

Happy Coding Cadets!

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You will be added (by email) to my private Slack chatroom. See when I am online, ask questions, or just say hi! You will also get access to offerings and rewards not avilable anywhere else.

A one time donation of $10 or more gets you access to the room.

Donatation = $15 Grade Homework
I will grade a homework assignment from my website

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I will take a selfie just for you and email it!

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Get a Coding Commanders T-shirt

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Donatation = $40 Questions Answered
I will answer 5 questions for you. The questions can be about me or computer programming. If the questions are about programming, each should be questions about 1 specific thing in my curriculum (PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML, CSS).

(For general questions about projects outside my curriclum, such as 'why doesn't my code work?' or 'How do you build an application that does...' You will need a Google Hangouts private tutoring session.)

I will answer any questions about me, besides questions about my income. They can be as personal as you like.

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Donatation = $50 Grade Project
I will grade one project from my website or videos.

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Donatation = $75 Write Blog
I will write a blog for you. It can showcase your business or be about a topic that interests you. I will post about the blog on all of my social media and e-mail you a direct copy.

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Donatation = $150 Google Hangouts
You will get a one hour private tutoring or coding session with me via Google Hangouts.

I can help you with one of my projects, an outside project or we can just hang out and code!

For best results, email information on your problem or project in advance. If you want help with something outside my LAMP stack currculium I strogly suggest you discuss it with me proior to donating.

&& You will be invited to Commander Candy's Private Slack

Donatation = $350 Personal Video
I will make a video just for you! You choose the topic.

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I am a one-woman show. I do all the programming (front and back), content writting, content development, graphic design, software design, video production, marketing ect. I am only outsourcing animations.

Because this is a very labor intensive project, I have not earned any income in months.

My goal is to provide free quality web development education. I believe everyone should have access to a marketable education

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