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BocaJS: NodeJS + Postgres

Build a Simple Content Management Tool

On Tuesday, August 7th I will present this project with BocaJS and GirlsDevelopIt. The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate server-side JavaScript logic and architecture when interacting with a SQL database.


The software stack I will use in this project includes:

Operating System: Ubuntu (Linux/Debian)

Web Server Software: ExpressJS

Database: PostgreSQL

Server-side Language: NodeJS (JavaScript)

Client-side Language: Vanilla JavaScript

If you use windows or mac, it's okay. The database admin is the only place the commands will differ. The code (SQL and JavaScript) is all the same. If your computer is Windows or Mac, but you want to learn to program in a Linux environment, I have a playlist for that:
OracleVB + Ubuntu + PostgreSQL + NodeJS. Each video description links the coresponding web lesson.

Wanna get the most out of my presentation?

Prior to the presentation, I suggest installing:
1) NodeJS + npm
2) PostgreSQL

I also suggest setting up your PostgreSQL user account:

Setup PostgreSQL on Ubuntu

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