Make a JavaScript Dice Game

Dice Game File Structure

The file structure is how you organize the files in your website. Here is our project's file structure:

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➼ Main Project Folder

➼ images - This is the folder that contains images used to create the dice game.

➼ index.html - This is the main page users will be directed to when entering your web address. HTML is the markup language that displays your content in the web browser. Our index.html file also contains the JavaScript used for the game.

➼ style.css - CSS formats HTML: color, size, shape, font ect.


Our JavaScript Dice Game uses a little bit of CSS. Click here for CSS tutorials.

Click here to learn about the responsive CSS used in this tutorial..

Project Code


Download Dice Face Images

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JavaScript Dice Game Version 2

In version 2 we add a high score list! Continue to JavaScript Dice Game V2 or go back to learn about JavaScript random numbers?

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