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JavaScriptReact VRSetting Up React VR

React VR is a JavaScript framework used to create Virtual Reality applications. In this lesson we will install and setup React VR.

This lesson was inspired by a workshop I attended: ReactVR - a VR Workshop with Javascript. Thank you to Praveen Yalamanchi and Damian Montero.

Step 1: Install

You will need Node.JS and React VR installed

GOTO: React VR: Getting Started

Follow the instructions.

Step 2: Go to Terminal

$ mkdir reactVR
$ cd reactVR/
$ react-vr init Basics

mkdir - make a directory called reactVR
cd - Change directory to reactVR
init - Add the Basics code to the directory

Step 3: Open in Text Edior

Open /reactVR/Basics/index.vr.js in text editor

You will see the following JSX components:
Pano Component -- Panoramic Picture
Text Component -- "Hello" centered on the screen
View Component -- Data structure returned by render()

Step 4: Add Hot Reloading

You can add hot reloading, by editing the configuration file. This will automatically update the web browser to reflect saved changes. You will not have to refreash the browser.

Open: /reactVR/Basics/vr/client.js

function init(bundle, parent, options) {
  const vr = new VRInstance(bundle, 'Basics', parent, {
    // Add custom options here
    enableHotReload: true,

enableHotReload: true, - We turned on hot reload.

Step 5: Return to Terminal

$ cd Basics/
$ npm start

Step 6: Open Web Browser

✶ Open Google Chrome or Firefox.

✶ Goto: localhost:8081/vr/

✶ The first load will take a while, but don't worry. Subsequent loads are much quicker!

You should see something like the picture below


Color Selector



Intro to Git:

Git + GitHub

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