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Coding Commanders Does Linux Gaming!

June 25, 2019
by Commander Candy

Linux Gamer - Daisy Chain Cosplay
Photo by Fred Stanten Studios and Daisy Chain Cosplay.
The time has come to create the world's best Linux gaming blog-- A blog created by Linux gamers for Linux gamers. Coding Commanders, a Linux programming authority, is teaming up with experienced Linux gamers to bring you the information you are looking for!

As with all Coding Commanders' content, this information will be user-friendly, approachable and engaging. No previous technical background required! All you need is a computer and the will to game...

Why game on Linux?

The Linux gaming community is growing at an unprecedented rate. Why? According to The Linux Gaming King Hatnix, there are 3 main reasons:
  1. Microsoft Updates: They are forced and constantly breaks things!
  2. Privacy Issues: Linux has a much better track record of respecting user privacy
  3. "Activation Nonsense": Most Linux distros require no activation! Just install and play!

Can you empathize with any of the above? If you answered yes than Linux may be the gaming platform you are looking for!

What Topics will the Blog Include?

Everything and anything relavent to Linux gamers, including:
  • Game Reviews
  • Hardware Recomendations
  • Step by Step Tutorials
  • Bug Fixes
  • Expert Opinions

Are you an Experienced Linux Gamer?

I want to hear from you! Help the Linux gaming community grow! Share your knowedge and promote your existing content by writing a Coding Commanders Linux Gaming Blog...

English isn't your first language? Maybe it is, but you didn't study hard? No worries! Commander Candy can edit your grammar and spelling. As long as the information is valuable, I will help you make it user friendly.

Blog Categories

  • Desktop Games Is there a desktop game you like to play on Linux? Tell us about it! Please include Linux compatibilty info and mention any struggles you faced in the set up/install phase.
  • Hardware What hardware do you use? What hardware do you recommend? Your article may be about a general set up or something more specfic such as controllers, operating systems, or streaming software.
  • Tutorials You are the master! Teach us how! This may include tutorials on Wine, Native Linux Games, Game Development, Walk throughs or any other tutorial useful to Linux gamers.
  • Browser Games What browser games do you like to play on Linux? Wanna tell us about one?
  • Game Dev Do you make Linux compatible games? Share your games and your knowedge! Let's make Linux game dev great for everybody!
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