Oracle VirtualBox + Ubuntu Server - Build a Virtual Server

Build a virtual server using Oracle VirtualBox and Ubuntu Server. Learn how by watching my YouTube Tutorial.

YouTube Tutorial: Build a Virtual Server with Oracle VirtualBox + Ubuntu Server

YouTube Video: Oracle VirtualBox + Ubuntu Server

Step 1: Download Oracle VirtualBox

Oracle VirtualBox is free and opensource virtual machine software. Download it for free here, on the offical download page.

Step 2: Download Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu is one of the most popular and user-friendly Linux flavors. Ubuntu Server is a lightweight text-based option for your virtual server. Download Ubuntu Server Here.

Step 3: Watch the Video

My YouTube video (linked above) will show you how to set up your server.

Step 4: Learn to use Ubuntu

I have a tutorial for that: Intro to Linux with Ubuntu Server

Step 5: Install additional Software

Here are some suggestions:

Programming and Database


NodeJS + npm


Brows the Web

Ubuntu Terminal Browsers
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