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The following tutorial is still in progress. The entire unit will probably be complete in the next couple weeks.

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Software System Skills are important to:


System Admins

Software Engineers

Project Managers

Entire Software Development Teams

Coding boot camps popularized the term "Full Stack Developer", but in doing so the term has lost its meaning. Coding Commanders doesn't just teach you how to write code. We teach you how the code works!

Understanding allows you to learn faster and produce much better work. You don't have to be confused. Continue reading...

Coding Commander's Software Systems Tutorials will cover
(1) Back-end Technologies

(2) Server Architecture

(3) Software Engineering Concepts

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Part 1: Basic Software System Theory

What is a
Software Solutions Stack?
Web Development
Back end VS Front end

A software solution stack includes everything you need to build and support an application. Learn what each part does and how the parts work together. This is the first step to creating awesome software!

Part 2: Linux Operating Systems - Ubuntu

Most of the world's programming takes place in a Unix or Unix-like operating system. The most popular UNIX-like operating system is Linux.

Learning Linux will make you a marketable programming and is essential to all systems admins, networking and security professionals.

Does your computer use Windows or OSX? No worries! You can install an Oracle VirtualBox with Ubuntu Server. The software is free and the set up is easy!

LAMP STACK is the world's most popular web software stack. Find out why Commander Candy is the queen of LAMP!

NodeJS is the new kid on the web development block, but NodeJS is used for a lot more than just web programming!

Open Source software publically posts its source code. Not only does this mean it is usually free and completely customizable. It is also means you can play with the source code :)

  • Install OracleVB
  • Install Ubuntu Server on Oracle VB
  • That's it! Two steps and now you have your own personal Linux server! Next, we will Learn more about Linux abd Ubuntu.
  • Intro to Linux - Theory
  • Intro to Ubuntu - Practical Usage
  • Learn Vi - Vim | The Unix Editor
  • Learn Git | Version Control
  • Build a LAMP Stack Server | Ubuntu - Apache2 - MySQL - PHP Build a NodeJS Server | Ubuntu - ExpressJS - PostgreSQL - JavaScript(NodeJS)