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Lesson 1

Web Lesson: Introduction to LAMP


Let's have fun and debug!
Written Story: Backstory (Fiction)


Note: If you have a computer with any Ubuntu flavor already installed, you can skip lessons 2 and 3. Go straight to lesson 4!

If your current OS is Windows, iOS or a differnt Linux distro, you can install OracleVB with Ubuntu Server or Ubuntu Desktop. My tutorials show Ubuntu Server, but Ubuntu Desktop is just as easy to install!

Please remember that a desktop OS will always take up a lot more resources than a server OS.

Part I: Setup a LAMP Stack Programming Enviroment

Lesson 2

Web Lesson: Install OracleVB


Lesson 3

Web Lesson: Install Ubuntu Server


Lesson 4

Web Lesson: Install LAMP on Ubuntu


Lesson 5

Web Lesson: Delete the Apache Default Page


Congratulations! You have set up a LAMP Stack programming environment. Next we will learn how to use our new environment!

Part II: Learning the Linux Environment

Lesson 5

Web Lesson: Basic Linux Commands


Lesson 6

Web Lesson: Introduction to Vi/Vim Text editor

Lesson 7

Web Lesson: Intro to Git and GitHub


Part III: Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Lesson 8

Web Lesson: What is a VPN?
(Video coming soon!)