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July 9, 2019
Interview by Commander Candy

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Frank Hollwitz

How long have you been using Linux?

I installed my first Linux system in 1998. It was Suse Linux 5.2 or 5.3, I can't remember exactly. I installed it parallel to my Windows system. So, in the beginning I used Linux only to play around with it, to learn about this new OS. But very quickly I used it more and more for my everyday's tasks.

How long have you been gaming on Linux?

Since the very beginning, actually. I was impressed, that a Linux distribution comes not just with all the productive software you'll need, but also with tons of games. And many of these free, open source games were very good, they still are.
I also got my first commercial native Linux game only a few weeks after I started with Linux, and I was so proud of that. It was "Hopkins - FBI", a point & click adventure.

What programming languages/engines do you use to make games?

I started with making games in the 90s. Back then I used Pascal/Delphi. Borland tried to bring Delphi to Linux in the early 2000s, with the project Kylix. Unfortunately it never really worked reliable. And nowadays I know that Kylix was not even a native Linux application, It was build upon libwine.
Later I did some things in Java. But Java turned out to be kinda unreliable as well. Unreliable, when it comes to the question, what will become of Java in the future. And, most importantly, will my games still run on future versions of Java?
Nowadays I use Love2D to make games. And I'm a big fan of the Godot engine, but I still need to finish my first project using it.

What is the first game you fell in love with? Why?

It was "Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders". I loved that this game told an actual story. And it was me, the player, who made the story go on. I also liked the puzzles, and sometimes hated them at the same time. Well, my relationship to good point & click adventures did never change since them. I just love them.

What distribution do you use for Linux Gaming? Why?

For a very long time I was a distribution hopper. But for almost 2 years I'm using Manjaro Linux now. The distribution uses a rolling release system. So, you only install it once, and just need to keep it up-to-date for the rest of your hardware's lifetime. No huge distribution upgrades or re-installations needed any more.
It turned out that almost each game runs quite well on Manjaro. And even if there is a library missing, then you can easily find and install it from the Manjaro repositories or the AUR (Arch User Repository).

What important OS customization are you using?

The only real OS customization I use is the proprietary driver for my graphics card. Usually those are not part of a Linux distribution, because of license reasons. However, Manjaro makes dealing with them quite easy.
Also, one of the first thing I do, after setting up a new system, is to install Wine. Which enables me to play games, that are not available natively for Linux.

What type of games do play on your stream?

Mostly adventures and RPG. In general story-driven games, since I like to describe myself as a story-gamer. A well written story and characters, a gripping narration and a coherent atmosphere are most important to me with a game. I try to share this gaming experience with my viewers, as good as possible.

What is your favorite game of all time?

"Dragon Age: Origins", I think. Even if this is not a native Linux game. With it's really well written characters and it's amazingly detailed lore it creates a very nice gaming experience. I can totally lose myself when I play this game. I know that the game is not flawless at all. But I love it for what it is.

What Linux distribution do you recommend to beginning Linux gamers? Why?

Not long ago I would have said either Ubuntu or Linux Mint. But Ubuntu's future, when it comes to supporting 32 bit applications, is quite unclear at the moment. And the same goes for Linux Mint, since it is based on Ubuntu.

My recommendation would be Manjaro Linux. You get a stable and reliable system, which comes with a very good installation tool. I also consider Manjaro being a rolling release distribution a plus for beginners.

What is the biggest challenge that you face as a Linux streamer?

OBS, the broadcast software. It is good that OBS is available natively for Linux. But, to be honest, OBS is not perfect, from a technical perspective. I still hope that, over the time, OBS will improve.

What is the top advantage of gaming on Linux?

From a practical perspective, I can decide myself when I want update my system. And that is not, when I play a game. I feel also more comfortable, when I know that I have the controll over the privacy on my system. And last but not least, I'm just used to use Linux as my OS.

What is the best piece of advice you would like to give to new Linux gamers?

Take it slow. Make sure you are familiar with the basics of your system, before you start with games. That includes handling your handware, like is your graphics driver set up correctly etc. Also, will you be able to look up missing libraries in your distribution's repositories? The better you are prepared, the more fun you'll have with your games.

If you could go back in time, would you choose Verruktes Huhn or Ellie the Elf?

*laughs* This is a reference to your in-development battle card game "Gänseblümchen". Paladin Hatnix chose first Ellie the Elf, but found out later that he have a crush on Verrücktes Huhn.

I would never go back in time to change anything, to be honest. Things that happen, decisions you make, good or bad, always have an influence on your personality. You are who you are, because of what happened, because of the things you have done, because of the consequences you needed to deal with. And this goes for Paladin Hatnix as well as for the real hatniX.

Dear reader, make sure to check out Gänseblümchen battle cards over at Battle Card Game Dev

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