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Intro to PHP: String Operators & Constants

String Operators are used to modify strings.

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Assignment Operators

              // Define variable
              $gameDev = "Scott";
              // Add to the variable
              $gameDev .= " Cawthon";
              // Print the variable
              echo $gameDev;

$gameDev = "Scott";
$gameDev .= " Cawthon";
echo $gameDev;
Output: Scott Cawthon


  // Define $character
  $character = "Character: ";
  // Define $chosenCar
  $chosenChar = $Character . "Freddy";
  // Print the message
  echo $chosenChar;

$character = "Character: "; $character is a variable containing a string value. The value of $character is "Character: "
$chosenChar = $character. "Freddy"; $chosenChar is a string variable. It's value is equal to $CHARACTER plus "Freddy"
echo $chosenChar; This will print the value of $chosenCar
Output: Character: Freddy

Predefind Constant: .PHP_EOL

PHP_EOL will insert a line break

// Define variables
 $numStars = "5"; 
$gameTitle = "FNAF World"; // Print echo $gameTitle.PHP_EOL; echo "gets $numStars stars!";

$numStars = "5"; $numStars is a variable containing an integer value. It is intialized at 5.
$gameTitle = "FNAF World"; $gameTitle is a string variable intialized at "FNAF World"
echo $gameTitle.PHP_EOL; will print the value of $gameTitle and insert a line break.
echo "gets $numStars stars!"; will print "gets", the value of $numStars, then "stars!"
Output: FNAF World
gets 5 stars!

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Applied Assignment

You live on post apocalyptic Earth. Aliens called "Bugs" have taken over the planet. As a resistance figher, and web developer, your job is to code warning messages.
Read each description. Use PHP to print the appropriate warning message.
Variables used for messages:

   // Number of bugs in the settlement
   $bugsDetected = 0;
   // Number of shots fired
   $shotsFired = 0;
   // Number of bombs detected
   $bombsDetected = 0;
   // string variable containing any weather alters
   $weather = "";

There are currently 5 bugs detected in the settlement. No shots have been fired. One bomb is detected.

   // Define variables
   $bugsDetected = 5;
   $shotsFired = 0;
   $bombsDetected = 1;

   // Create Message
   $alert = "There have been $bugsDetected bugs detected in our settlement. ";
   $alert .= "$shotsFired shots have been fired. ";
   $alert .= "$bombsDetected bombs have been detected in our settlement.";

  // Print Message
   echo $alert;

Message Descriptions:
1) There are 10 bugs detected in the settlement. No shots have been fired. Two bombs are detected. There is a 90% chance of severe thunder storms.
2) There are 10 bugs dectected. 5 shots fired. 2 bombs detected.
3) There are no bugs, shots or bombs detected. There is a hurricane warning. This category 3 hurricane is projected to hit land tomorrow at 3pm.

Once you finish the assignment, play around with variable values and your echo statements in the code editor box below.

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