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Setup Postgresql

PostgresqlSetup Postgresql

In this lesson, I will use Ubuntu to switch to the postgres user, create a new role/user and create a database. I will then use psql to alter user, giving her a password.

Step 1: Switch to Postgres User

$ sudo -i -u postgres

Step 2: Create New User

$ createuser --interactive

... Next you will be asked:

✶ Enter the name of role to add:
✶ Is this a superuser?(y/n)


I am using the username 'candy' to match my linux username.

Super User

A superuser has special privlidges. I made candy a super user.

Step 3: Create Database

$ createdb candy

Create a database with the same name as the user.

Step 4: psql

$ psql

Welcome to the psql interface!

Step 5: Give role/user a password

To give your user a password:

ALTER USER username WITH PASSWORD 'new_password';

ALTER USER We are going to change something about the user
username Here we will put the name of the user we wish to change.
WITH PASSWORD We are giving her a password
'new_password' Here we put the password in quotes.
; (semi-colon) Statements end with a semi-colon;

So, to give Candy the password 'candy':


Step 6: Quit and go back to your Linux user account.


Exit psql by typing '\q'

$ su candy

I switched back to my candy linux user account.

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