Filezilla FTP

Filezilla is the #1 file transfer software. In this lesson you will learn to set up FTP with Filezilla.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Download Filezilla

Click on the "Download Filezilla Client" button.

Download the Zilla

Filezilla should automatically bring you to the appropriate download for your Operating System. Click the big green button!

Download Filezilla

Step 3: Install Filezilla

Linux, Windows and Mac: Installation Tutorial

Follow the above tutorial to install Filezilla on your computer.

Step 4: Setup New Website

Open Filezilla, then click on the Site Manager Icon on the upper left corner of the application.

Filezilla Site Manager Icon

Step 5: New Site

Click the New Site button.

Filezilla Site Manager - New Site

Step 6: Change Site Name

The site name (default "New Site") should be highlighted in orange. Place your mouse cursor in the orange box to change the site name to whatever you want. You probably want to name it your site name.

Filezilla Site Manager - Change Name

Step 7: Enter Information

Enter the following information:

Host: Enter your site's domain. e.g.
Protocol: FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
Encryption: Use explicit FTP over TLS if avilable
Logon Type: Normal
Username: Username of your FTP account user
Password: Password of your FTP account user

Filezilla Site Manager - Setting

If you want to find more secure FTP options, you can conduct further online research or contact your host provider. These tutorials go with DreamHost shared hosting service. If you have any questions, their friendly support staff will happily guide you through the FTP process.

Step 8: Click Okay

Once you complete the form, click okay. To sign in to your site, click the upside down triangle next to the Site Manager icon and select the name of your new site.

Filezilla Site Manager - Down Arrow

Transfering Files

Once logged in, you will see your computer's file manager (Local Site) on the left and a file manager for the server (Remote Site) on the right. To transfer files from your computer to the server:

  1. Navigate to the file or folder you wish to transfer on the left.
  2. Navigate to the server folder where you want to transfer the file/folder.
  3. Double click the the file or right click and select "upload" on the folder you wish to transfer.
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