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Getting Started with Godot Game Engine

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Before we start learning GDScript, we must learn to set up a new project! If you have any trouble with this step feel free to join the Coding Commanders or Hatclan discord servers:
Coding Commanders Discord
Hatclan Discord
(After joining Hatclan Discord, please PM Hatnix to be able to post.)

Step #1: Download Godot

Godot is very easy to install. You can install it directly from the website by clicking here and finding the download for your operating system. You can also get Godot via Steam or Itch.io. If you install Godot via Steam or Itch, the platforms will help you keep Godot's software up-to-date.

Step #2: Create New Project

  1. Click on "New Project"
    Godot Project Manager
  2. Name your project
    Name Godot Project
  3. Create an Empty Folder for your project: You can name your folder anything you want.
    Create a Directory for your Project
  4. Select your choosen path
    Choose Project Path
  5. Click "Create & Edit"
    Godot Project - Create and Edit
(For our GDScript intro tutorials you may ignore the renderer options, but this is something we will look at when creating our first game.)

Step #3: Go to the Code Editor

On the top of the application click on "Script"

Navigate to Godot Code Editor

Step #4: Create New Script File

  1. Click on "file"
    Click File
  2. Click "New Script"
    New Script
  3. Click "Create" (You probably want to look through the options in case you want to change something. For the purpose of the intro tutorials you can leave the settings as is.)

  4. Create a new GDScript File

Step #5: Connect your script to the new scene

Video by the Linux Gaming King Hatnix

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