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How to Install Dragon Age: Origins UE on Linux

July 27, 2019
by Hatnix

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Dragon Age: Origins is a party-based RPG developed by Bioware and released by Electronic Arts in 2010. It is my personal all-time favorite game. Some say that it is the last true Bioware game, before the company got fully assimilated by Electronic Arts. The game has new DLCs and is now available as an Ultimate Edition, which includes all the new content! I’ll write here about this Ultimate Edition, as provided by GOG.

Installing with Lutris

The game does not come with a native Linux client. So, to play it on Linux, we have to use Wine. I recommend using Lutris to make installation and playing of the game more comfortable.

Lutris provides an installer for the GOG version of the game, which you can either lookup on their website or directly in the Lutris client. The installer sets up Dragon Age: Origins and also automatically installs the necessary PhysX drivers.

The game starts with its Launcher

Dragon Age Orgins Lutris Launcher

Before you start the actual game for the first time, you should click “Configure”, to set up the game properly. In the Configuration Utility, you select the Video settings. There you must activate “Disable Multiple Renter Targets”. This will prevent texture glitches.

Dragon Age Orgins Lutris Configuration

Full-Screen Mode

I recommend deactivating “Play in Full-Screen Mode”, since I’ve had the experience that after entering a new game location, sometimes the mouse-controlled camera gets overly sensitive and thus uncontrollable. That only seems to happen in full-screen mode.

Saving Settings

Before you close the Configuration Utility, select “Save Settings” from the “Dragon Age: Origins” menu, otherwise your setting will get lost. With “File” - “Exit” you close the Utility and return to the Launcher. There you click “Play” to start the actual client.

Have a lot of fun with Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition!

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