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Project: You are a game developer creating a super awesome battle card game. When the game ends, if a player makes the cut, he is added to the high score list. In any case, the high score list is displayed.

I use a very simular example in my freeCodeCamp video: Logic for Programmers - Set Theory. That video compliments my video on this lesson: NodeJS Query Function with PostgreSQL (Ubuntu + Vim)


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'use strict';

var db = require("../database/db.js"); // connection variable

// Player Object
function Player(name,score){
  this.name = name;
  this.score = score;

This is a JavaScript object type called "Player" with the properties: name and score. See my lesson: JavaScript Objects

// Data Keys
function showKeys(data){
  var keys = Object.keys(data);

Object.keys() is a predefined JavaScript function that returns an array of keys. More info on arrays, keys, objects: JavaScript Datasets

// is it a high score?
function isHighscore(score,highscores){
  var toReturn = 0;
  for(var i=0; i<highscores.length; i++){
    var hs =  highscores[i].score;
    if(score > hs){
  return toReturn;

This function loops through the high scores and determines if a the current player's score qualifies to be on the highscorelist. For homework, you are going to alter this function! More info at the bottom of the page!

// Code if player made the high score list
function addChamp(name,score){
  var statement = 'insert into high_scores (player,score)
                   values($1, $2) returning  *';
  var values = [name,score];
  db.query(statement, values, function(err,res){
    if(err) throw err;
    else {
      console.log("Congrats you made the highscore list!");

// Code if player did not make the highscore list
function notChamp(){
  console.log("sorry you did not make the high score list");

// game over code
function gameOver(name,score){
  var statement = "select * from high_scores";
  db.query(statement, function(err,res){
    if (err) {
      throw err;
    else {
      var data = res.rows;
      var beats = isHighscore(score,data);
      if(beats > 0){
      else {

This is the code that executes when the game ends. See my lessons:
NodeJS Query Function
PostgreSQL Queries

// A Player method that executes game over code
Player.prototype.gameover = function (){
  var score = this.score;
  var name = this.name;

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Make the following changes to the code above:
1) Make sure no more than 10 players are on the highscore highscorelist
2) If the player made the highscore list, return a message that tells him where he placed.

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