HTML Page Footer

Twitch Website Builder > Page Footer

In the Twitch Website Code out footer code looks like this:

  &#169; copyright 2019 Coding Commanders

&#169; will show up on your web page as ©.

I only include copyright information in my footer. It is important to include the word "copyright" written out, the year, and your brand name (if you want the copyright to be valid).

The footer should display at the bottom of your HTML page.


You may want to include a legal disclaimer in your page footer. The footer is out of the way, making it the perfect spot for legal jargon. This might include a privacy policy or terms of use.

Contact Us

You may want to put a link to contact your brand. Contact links are often placed in the page footer, so people often look there for contact details.

Site Map

If you have a large website, you might want to put a site map in the footer.

Call to Action

Do you want your site users to subscribe to a mailing list or donate to your cause? A page footer is the perfect place for a call to action.


Maybe you want to include your DreamHost refer-a-friend link to let people know who hosts your website. Maybe you want to link Coding Commanders, giving me credit for your website code. Or maybe you want to link your graphic designer. If someone contributed to your website, as a whole, it is nice to credit them in the footer. It also encourages people to continue working with you.

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